Welcome to Soap Candle Shop . All our products are handmade. We have " The Art of Soap " collection and "The Art of Candle "collection.

The Art of Soap collection has super cute shape soap which is gentle and bubbly, can be used head to toe.

The Art of Candle collection has luxury scented long lasting candles in the jar . Also we have beautiful colourful gel candles.

Soap Candle Shop

Hand-made cute and curative design soap store. These are all soap in the shape of cupcakes, cake slices, lollipops, donuts, cookies, Japanese sweets ( Nerikiri ), crystals, gemstones, and others.

All our products are made from the ingredients of local suppliers and there are ethically produced. No harsh chemical is used. even the cosmetic glitter I use is safe for the environment.

I join pop-up stores sometimes in Vancouver. I am so happy that I've got an opportunity to let more people know about my products here.


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