10 Handmade Candle Makers To Follow On Instagram For Inspiration

10 Handmade Candle Makers To Follow On Instagram For Inspiration

If you're looking for inspiration in the world of handmade candles, Instagram is a great place to start. With so many talented makers around the globe creating beautiful works of art with wax and wick, it's easy to get lost in the array of choice. But don't worry - this article has you covered! We've rounded up 10 exceptional candle makers who are sure to ignite your creative spark with their stunning designs and innovative concepts. So if you need some inspiration when it comes to making scented creations at home, then look no further than these amazing craftspeople.

From eye-catching geometric shapes to intricate hand-poured layers, each one of these candle makers offers something unique that will have you wanting more. Whether you’re an experienced crafter or just starting out on your journey into making candles, there’s something here for everyone. Each artist brings a different style and approach to the craft which can help take your own work to new heights as well as give you plenty of ideas for projects down the line.

Plus every single maker listed here has been chosen due to their commitment to quality materials and ethical practices – from sourcing sustainable ingredients like soy wax or beeswax all the way through production until they reach customers' hands (or homes!) What could be better than supporting small businesses while also getting inspired? Read on and discover why these 10 handmade candle makers are worth following on Instagram right now!

1. Soap Candle Shop

For anyone looking for handmade candle makers to follow on Instagram, Soap Candle Shop is a great start. Founded by a Japanese woman with a passion for creating beautiful candles and scents, this company truly stands out from the rest. From their unique packaging designs to their high-quality ingredients, each product reflects an attention to detail that sets them apart from other brands. Plus, they offer custom orders so customers can create something special.

Soap Candle Shop Instagram

The craftsmanship of Soap Candle Shop's products makes them particularly inspiring for aspiring DIYers and anyone who appreciates quality workmanship. While some companies focus solely on mass production, this business takes pride in every piece produced. For example, each wick is hand-dipped and made with natural cotton fibers instead of synthetic materials often used in pre-made wicks. Similarly, all fragrances are made with essential oils rather than artificial scents or chemicals which helps ensure no toxins will be released when burning the candle.

Soap Candle Shop showcases both creativity and care within its products - making it perfect inspiration for those seeking handmade candles crafted from natural ingredients. Not only do these pieces look stunning but they also provide soothing aromas without any need to worry about potentially harmful additives being present in the air around you!

2. Candleshop.sahar

Candleshop.sahar is a must-follow Instagram account for anyone interested in handmade candle making. With over 12.9k followers, this online community showcases the best in handmade candle making, and provides a wealth of inspiration and ideas for those who are interested in this craft.


From beautifully scented soy candles to unique and intricate candle designs, Candleshop.sahar has something for everyone. Whether you're a seasoned candle maker or just starting out, following this account is sure to provide you with inspiration and new ideas for your next candle making project. So why not give Candleshop.sahar a follow and join the handmade candle making community today!

3. The Flaming Candle

The Flaming Candle is a handmade candle maker on Instagram that provides plenty of inspiration for anyone looking to get creative with their candles. This brand creates beautiful, unique scents and designs that are perfect for any occasion or mood.

The Flaming Candle

Here’s what makes The Flaming Candle stand out:

  • They offer custom-made candles tailored to your needs and style.
  • Their products come in all sorts of colors, shapes, sizes, and fragrances.
  • Each product is made from high quality materials with attention to detail.

If you're looking for handmade candle makers to follow on Instagram for some inspiring ideas, then The Flaming Candle should be at the top of your list! From the variety of products they offer to their signature styles and craftsmanship, this one's sure to spark up your next project.

4. Handmade Candle Co.


Handmade Candle Co. (hmcandleco) is a company that creates earth conscious home fragrances and candles, hand-poured into beautiful apothecary jars with recycled paper labels. They use high-quality ingredients like vegetable soy wax and phthalate-free premium fragrance oils, making their candles not only visually stunning but also safe and healthy for you and the environment. With a cotton wick and a burn time of 40 hours, these candles are sure to provide a warm and inviting ambiance for any room in your home.

In addition to their commitment to sustainability, hmcandleco has a strong presence on social media, with a vibrant and active community on Instagram and Facebook. Following them on these platforms will provide you with an endless source of inspiration, from creative candle-making techniques to tips on home fragrance and decor.

If you're a shop owner or business looking to expand your product line, hmcandleco also offers wholesale accounts. With their gorgeous candles available to you, you'll be able to provide your customers with unique and high-quality home fragrance options.

5. Moonlit Candle Co.

Moonlit Candle Co. (moonlitcandle.co) is a perfect example of an inspiring handmade candle maker to follow on Instagram for creative ideas and inspiration. This small business began in the founder's kitchen, crafting candles from quality ingredients that are ethically sourced whenever possible. Their unique products have caught the attention of many customers due to their range of fragrances, eye-catching packaging, and environmentally friendly practices.


The team behind Moonlit Candle Co believes in creating meaningful connections with customers by providing them with beautiful objects they can use every day or give as gifts to someone special - all while supporting sustainable living. They also offer custom orders, so if you're looking for something specific or one-of-a-kind then this is definitely the place for you!

Their social media presence is equally impressive, featuring gorgeous photographs and videos of their product line along with interesting stories about how each scent was created. It's easy to see why so many people love following Moonlit Candle Co on Instagram – it’s like taking a mini vacation into their world of dreamy scents and thoughtful packaging designs.

6. North Star Candle Co.

North Star Candle Co.

North Star Candle Co. (nscandle) is the perfect source of inspiration for those looking to create their own handmade candles. They specialize in natural beeswax and soy wax candles, as well as luxurious scented options. All of their products are made with love, using only high quality ingredients that are sustainably sourced.

The company's Instagram page is full of stunning photos featuring a variety of candle creations. Whether you're searching for elegant tapers or contemporary geometric shapes, North Star Candle Co has something for everyone. Plus, they regularly post tutorials on how to make your own unique candles at home!

If you want to turn your passion into a business or just give it a try as a creative hobby, North Star Candle Co will provide all the tips and tricks you need to get started. With an abundance of ideas and inspiration available right at your fingertips, there's no limit to what kind of beautiful creations you can make!

7. Wick And Fable

Wick and Fable (wickandfable) is a company that specializes in creating beautiful handmade candles. They have an Instagram page filled with inspiring images of the various creations they make, from simple votive candles to elaborate centerpieces.

Wick And Fable

The attention to detail put into each candle is truly remarkable; you can see it in their photos. Each design has its own uniqueness, showcasing the skill and talent of the team at Wick and Fable. Every photo captures the beauty of their work perfectly, making them a great source for anyone looking for creative ideas or inspiration for their next project.

In addition to providing gorgeous visuals, Wick and Fable also offers helpful tips on how to get started with your own candle-making endeavors. They provide detailed tutorials on everything from pouring techniques to scent selection - all while helping to promote sustainable practices within the industry. So if you're interested in learning more about this craft, be sure to give them a follow!

8. Hearth & Hammer

Hearth & Hammer

Hearth & Hammer (hearthandhammer) is a popular handmade candle maker on Instagram. They specialize in small-batch soy candles with unique scents and designs, perfect for adding an extra touch of style to any home. Their beautiful creations have made them one of the most sought after accounts in the industry, inspiring countless followers with their stunning displays.

The company was founded by two friends who had a passion for creating something special from scratch. With their knowledge of natural waxes and fragrances, they've crafted some truly remarkable products that are sure to delight anyone looking for a little more luxury in their living space. The attention to detail and quality of each candle has set Hearth & Hammer apart from other makers, making it easy for customers to find exactly what they're looking for.

Whether you’re searching for an eye-catching centerpiece or simply want to spruce up your surroundings, Hearth & Hammer should be your go-to destination. From bold colors to delicate aromas, these handcrafted candles will add just the right amount of sparkle into your life!

9. Sweet Water Decor

If you are looking for some inspiration from handmade candle makers on Instagram, Sweet Water Decor (sweetwaterdecor) is definitely a great place to start. This account showcases vibrant and beautiful products that have been carefully crafted with attention to detail. It offers an array of candles in different sizes, styles, and colors. Each piece looks like it was made with love and care!

Sweet Water Decor

The company specializes in natural soy wax candles which can make wonderful gifts or decor pieces for your home. They also offer unique scents such as lavender chamomile, rosemary mint, sweet orange spice and more. Not only do they use their own recipes but they source the best ingredients available so their customers get the most out of their product. At Sweet Water Decor you will find something special that sets them apart from other businesses - every item purchased helps generate income for communities around the world through charitable giving.

Not only does this business provide amazing quality items, but they also strive to give back by supporting causes close to their heart. By shopping at Sweet Water Decor you can be sure you’re not just making a purchase; you're helping others too!

TIP: Don't forget to check out the reviews section on Sweet Water Decor's website to see what customers think about their candles!

10. Root + Flame Co.

Root + Flame Co.

Root + Flame Co. (rootcandlebuzz) is an Instagram account worth checking out for inspiration on handmade candles. From scented soy wax to all-natural beeswax, Root + Flame Co. has a wide selection of products that are sure to inspire creativity in candle-making projects. The company also offers tips and tutorials on customizing their products with various colors and fragrances, adding an extra personal touch to any final product.

The company prides itself on using only natural ingredients and provides customers with both vegan and non-vegan options, depending on preference. What's more, the team behind Root + Flame Co.'s success is passionate about sustainability; they make sure to use recycled packaging materials whenever possible and encourage others to do the same by offering discounts on orders when customers return used containers for refilling or repurposing them.

This dedication to environmental awareness combined with high quality craftsmanship makes this company stand out from other similar accounts and is definitely something worth exploring if you're looking for unique ways to bring your own candle-making projects to life!


Handmade candles can be a great source of inspiration for many. From the nique scents, to the intricate designs, each candle has its own story and personality that makes it special. Whether you’re looking for holiday gifts or just something special to add to your home decor, handmade candles are sure to put a sparkle in any space. To get inspired by some of the world's best handcrafted candle makers, these ten Instagram accounts should give you plenty of ideas.

Soap Candle Shop, Candleshop.sahar, The Flaming Candle, Handmade Candle Co., Moonlit Candle Co., Wick and Fable, Hearth & Hammer, Sweet Water Decor, Root + Flame Co., all have something different and enjoyable to offer. So take some time out of your day and explore these wonderful artisans who strive to make memorable experiences with their products. Who knows? Maybe one day soon you'll be making your own beautiful creations!

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