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Citrus gel candle

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Scent: Peach and Mint

Hours:47 hours


Reusable as a candle holder (I recommend to use electric tea light candle)

Enjoy peach and mint tropical scent gel wax candle in the the lovely design with real dried fruits in the glass. I use mostly citrus for this design but please allow me to use kiwis and apples sometime. Please understand that each design is slightly different and not exactly same as the picture you see .

It has double glasses , inside layer has scented gel candle and outside layer has dried citrus fruits ( sometimes kiwis and apples mixed ).  only inside layer will burn and outside will stay. This inside glass looks small but it will last up to 47 hours and actually it is reusable as a candle holder(I recommend to use electric tea light candle). Once you see the inside glass wax remains about 1/2 inch , stop using and wait util it cools down. Then simply peel the gel wax off from the glass.  You can use any tea light candle with it.

Please follow the candle burning instructions for your safety.


**Instructions for Candle Use**

1. Please keep the lit candle in your sight at all times. Do not leave it burning unattended.

2. Stop using the candle when the wax is down to 1/2 inch( it will prevent excessive heating as well as it will help to keep the outside gel layer in good shape). Avoid using it until its end, as this could lead to excessive heating of the empty glass, potentially causing surface burns.

3. Do not burn the candle for more than 4 hours continuously. Prolonged burning can make the glass container extremely hot and may result in cracks.

4. Do not move the candle while it's lit. Molten wax could splatter and burn your skin.

5. Use the candle on a heat-resistant, flat surface. We highly recommend using a candle plate.

6. Keep the wick clean. Before each use, trim the excess wick to maintain a clean, even burn, and prevent a mushroom-shaped wick.

7. Ventilate the room regularly, allowing fresh air in every few hours.

We conduct safety checks on each design and batch of candles. However, candles are still fire hazards. Please follow these instructions to safely enjoy your candles.


We use Canada Post shipping. The cost will be depend of the weight and size of your order and calculated at checking out .

Return policy

We accept returns if the product is broken. Please send us a message with pictures of the product. We will send you the same product .

Our products are all handmade and each soap is slightly different in shape, size and colour .

Some of the cold process soap have white powder like substance which is cold soda ash which is produced during the soap making process and totally safe .

Some of Glycerine soap might collect moisture in the air and form small water drop which called glycerine dew and totally safe . I personally like these glycerine dew as it look so pretty but to remove it from the soap, simply wash it off or wipe with tissue.

We accept custom order

We do accept custom orders . Our soap is the perfect gift to your loved one ( wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, partner, mother , father, sister , brother and so on ) for all occasions such as birthday, celebration, mother's day, thanks giving , christmas, valentine's day !! If you would like to make an order for special event , please let us know at least 5 weeks ( 2 month is better ) in advance as the soap need long time to be ready for use. We can discuss your theme and design of your event.

  • All Handmade

    Each soap is handmade in all process. Each soap is an unique art work and slightly different from each other.

  • All Local

    All ingredients are from trusted " LOCAL SUPPLIERS" in Vancouver BC, Canada and they are all safe and ethically produced .

  • Cold Process Soap

    Cold process soap AKA CP soap is made from variety of oils. the perfect saponification happens with precise measurement of oils and sodium hydroxide lye. as well as good temperature control .

  • Melt and Pour soap

    Melt & Pour soap AKA MP soap is Glycerine soap base which was made from vegetable oil. We only use melt & pour soap bases which does not contain detergents, surfactants, sulfates, alcohol, or sugar solutions, and are never tested on animals.

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